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8.01 Costing Method

This is a guide to show how Costing Method works in SQL Accounting.
8.02 Serial No Module

This is a guide to show how Serial No Module works in SQL Accounting.
Learn how to assign or change costing method Learn how to use serial no module
8.03 Maintain Stock Item - Reorder Level & Reorder Qty

This is a guide to show how Stock Item's Reorder Level and Reorder Qty works in SQL Accounting.
8.04 Global Price Change

This is a guide to show how to do Global Price Change.
Learn how stock item's reorder level and reorder qty works Learn how to do global price change
8.05 Stock Price Tag Module

This module enables you to set different pricing groups for different customer and supplier and is normally used to set different customer category with different pricing.
8.06 Stock Adjustment & Stock Take

This guide shows you how to do Stock Adjustment/Stock Take.
Learn how to stock price tag module Learn how to stock adjustment/stock take
8.07 Barcode

This is a step-by-step guide to report designing Goods Received Note barcode.
Learn how to report design Goods Received Note barcode  

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