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4.03 Customer Payment Guide (Local & Multi Currency)

How do I key in Customer Payment for both local and multi currency?
4.03.01 Open Bank Deposit

Open Bank Deposit can be done when you are banking in 2 or more cheques at a time in a same transaction slip.
Learn how to key in customer payment Learn how to open bank deposit
4.03.02 Post-Dated Cheque & Bounced Cheque

This guide shows you how to insert post-dated/bounced cheque.
4.03.03 How to do Customer Payment Bounced Cheque in Forex

This guide shows you how to do bounce payment for different currency.
Learn how to insert post-dated/bounced cheque Learn how to do customer payment bounced cheque in forex
4.04 Customer Payment Listing Commission

How do I set the commission calculation to my requirement?
4.07 Customer Contra and Supplier Contra

If you have a customer who is also a supplier, you may want to offset the outstanding customer and supplier invoices.
Learn how to set commission calculation to your requirement Learn how to do customer and supplier contra

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